Vedetas, Rama and SOF

Vedetas is a Brazilian collective working in the field of feminist technologies who had set up a feminist server intended to support feminist groups in their online activities, to increase women’s security and autonomy and to build feminist technologies.

The  action-research project developed by Vedetas between 2019 and 2021 was led by a group composed exclusively of women, who set up a community network in an area without internet connectivity in Brazil - the quilombo Terra Seca, while conducting a participatory research process on information and communication technologies, more specifically community networks, through an intersectional feminist lens.

Bruna Zanolli is an activist in the area of autonomous communications and human rights, with interest in intersectional feminist and popular education principles as tools to narrow the gaps of access.

Carla Jancz is an Information Security Specialist, who works with digital security for third sector organizations and with free technologies and autonomous networks from a feminist and holistic perspective. Member of MariaLab, a feminist hacker collective that explores the intersection between gender and technology based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Daiane Araujo dos Santos is a Brazilian activist in human rights and in the Information and Communication Technologies field who contributes to the implementation of community networks in Brazil, bringing discussions about critical appropriation of technology and its impact on people's social and community life. Living in the periphery of the south of São Paulo (Brazil), she graduated in Geography in 2018 and, since 2010, works in social movements.

Débora Prado is a journalist and activist with a background in social communications, feminism and human rights. Since 2017 she has been involved in researching feminist technologies and knowledge to challenge androcentric and colonial norms.

Glaucia Marques is an agronomist and is part of the SOF (Sempreviva Feminist Organization) technical team that operates in the Vale do Ribeira region, contributing with the solidarity commercialization and with agroecological and feminist technical assistance for the Agroecological Network of Women Farmers (RAMA, in the acronym in Portuguese).

Natália Santos Lobo is an agroecologist and part of SOF's technical team in Vale do Ribeira, working with the RAMA network.

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